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Roy McGraw - Anchor Point, Alaska

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*Bamboo Fly Rod*

Schmelzers - Kansas

Schmelzers - 3 piece bamboo fly rod, with glass eyes and extra tip.  Custom fit felt case

Excellent Condition !


*Antique Lures*

Hedden 100 Green "Crackleback"

Glass eyes with no cracks, two hand painted gill marks, plain propeller, paint missing on the belly weight only. 

Excellent Condition !  Original Box Included


Hedden "Torpedo"

Two propellers front and back,

Excellent Condition Plus !   Original Box Included



Taconic Casting Reel

Nickel Silver, Counter Balanced Ivory handle, #60 reel foot, 5 pillar


Luxor Spinning Reel

Full Bail, Anti-Reverse, Spinning Reel, with Original Box

Excellent Condition Plus,  exception: Anti-Reverse faulty

Ambassador Bait Casting/ Trolling Reel


Ambassador Bait Casting/ Trolling Reel


Ambassador Bait Casting/ Trolling Reel


Ambassador Spin Casting Reel

Alvey Surf Reel - XL Series - Side Cast System

Model 6008C On/Off Drag with Fish Alert


*Fly Rods*

Orvis "Battan Kill"  Bamboo Fly Rod

Madison Series 2 pc. with extra tip



Lamiglas - 50th Aniversity Edition Casting Rod

Model MC86H-3  3 pc. 8'6" Graphite  12-25 lb Test, 1/2-13/4 Lure



Sage 6 wt. 2 pc. 9 ' Graphite with case



*Specialty Items*

Arkansas Sharpening Stone

1985 Sharpening Stone bought in Arkansas, With wooden box

Excellent Condition !


1770 Shackles with Key

1770 Slave shackles with key, Slave Tags, authenticated by the Alabama Historical Museum

Chain old but not original, Quality Excellent Condition !



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